About us

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Οur  Taxi company was founded  on a simple idea: to provide outstanding customer service – all year round. We  found inspiration from a favorite quotation from Socrates, “The way to obtain a good reputation is to try to be what you desire to appear.”
Our goal  is to fully meet our customers needs  in the meanwhile expanding our range of provided services, which  cover a wide range of wants and needs in transportation services.
Our main concern is that transportation of the customer , to and from every destination,  be performed with consistency, politeness, respectfulness towards the customer and above all safety in order to achieve excellent customer service.

We ensure that the drivers of our fleet share the same vision and values that we do. Our experienced drivers work with courtesy, consistency, are knowledgeable about the area and will take you safely to and from your destination.

We have an  updated dispatch center that responds to all  calls  24 hours of the day and  will immediately satisfy any transportational need.

All our taxis are regularly cleaned and serviced so that you can count on reliable transport wherever you go.
No matter where you’re going, 365 days a year, at any time of day, one of our taxi drivers are on standby to assist you.
We work with individuals, companies, businesses in the tourism industry, professionals  so that we can provide reliable, consistent, speedy and safe transportation of people  and belongings.
Whatever your need for transportation within or outside the area of Corinth, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 27410 82100.

Our Taxi Drivers

The taxi drivers of our company are experienced, knowledgeable about the streets of our city as well as the rest of Greece,they have excellent roadside manner,  are courteous, respect the passenger and are willing every time to serve you. They are always properly dressed  and obey all the laws that have been implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications for taxi drivers  by always giving receipts for the ride .